Bee vector

Hei there. It’s time for an new vector article, ’cause I have many vectors. :) This time is like wrestling, triple threat. I have three vector, although it’s true in fact it’s one vector. Today we talk about bee vector.

bee vector

Bee vector

All start from an old illustration, something from an old botanic book or something like that. I found that on flickr and… catch me like an pokemon. I love those illustration and inspired me. So, I grab a pen and an sheet and rapidly sketch… this. Then, after few day’s I trace it and here we go. After a while, I make some other vector, different style. We have here an poster template or an flyer but we also have an minimal simple bee.

If you like them, you cand get them here on Shutterstock or on Fotolia.

Thank you!

P.S Please look in my other vector’s, I have plenty of them, different type.

Bee vector
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